Gas storage trading strategies

Natural Gas and Crude Oil Trade Strategies using Storage Reports


gas storage trading strategies

What are the top gas trading strategies? Learn how to trade Natural Gas with our expert guide to tips, trading hours and using technical analysis. Realistic Natural Gas Storage Models Trading Strategies Rolling Intrinsic vs. Basket of Spreads. A key ingredient to the valuation and risk management of natural gas storage assets is the definition of the trading strategy that is executed by storage operators and monitored by risk managers. The value of a storage asset originates from trading on physical spot and forward contracts. In order to estimate this value, one has to consider a realistic physical model of the storage, and model for spot and forward gas prices. The final value is determined by the “trading strategy”.

How to Trade Natural Gas: Top Trading Strategies & Tips

Storage consists of a complex portfolio of options, some of which are contingent upon others, while others are path dependent in nature. Over the last few years many models have been used to assess storage contracts. Among such methods, we have a Dynamic Optimization and b Intrinsic Hedging and rolling of hedges as the forward curve changes.

Another method using c Spread Option theory solves for both, valuation and delta hedging, gas storage trading strategies, which, according to my personal opinion, is what sets it apart from the other ones. Note that other models solve for the hedging strategy using iterative methods. Whereas all of the above methods have legitimate claim to providing insight into the complex nature of storage, especially high cycle storage, my goal here is NOT to compare the pros and cons of each methodology, gas storage trading strategies.

The graph below shows qualitatively how three strategies for storage trading would rank on a payout vs. So at t2 we buy back January and sell February to make an extra 5 cents, gas storage trading strategies. In storage lingo, we have rolled forward January to February for 5 cents. Simply stated, storage is a BIG spread option and its value will vary function of volatility and correlation. Delta-hedging storage is nothing other than spread option replication in an effort to capture the extrinsic value.

Is there a good or bad strategy here? How can a trader be judged? The first trader hedged his option completely and gas storage trading strategies such did forego its extrinsic value, but secured its intrinsic value.

The second one managed his option using delta hedging as derived gas storage trading strategies option theory and by taking the market volatility as given. The third one left his option completely un-hedged! He treated his option as a lottery ticket and risked all its value.

Which one among these 3 traders is right? Which one is wrong? Is it a black or white answer? Energy Central contributors share their experience and insights for the benefit of other Members like you. Please show them your appreciation by leaving a comment, 'liking' this post, or following this Member.


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gas storage trading strategies


Natural Gas and Crude Oil Trade Strategies using Storage Reports a further slump in natural gas storage, trading platforms and to facilitate the testing of trading strategies in a risk Author: Research. Apr 09,  · Natural Gas Trading Strategies By Rakesh Upadhyay - Apr 08, , PM CDT. Join Our Community. Natural gas ended March with almost a Author: Rakesh Upadhyay. T he Receiving and the Transferring Storage Customers must request the transfer, each sending a request by using Online within a time window of 1 hour. The deadline for receiving the requests for transfers with effect start time at on the Gas Day is on the preceding Gas Day. Download the User Manual for online transfers.